December 16

The Christmas season is upon you now, one of love and goodwill.  This time is especially hard for many people because of the acute loneliness they feel.  In all your busyness, do not forget to reach out to them.

You may not realize who they are, but there are many broken souls all around you.  Listen to My gentle urgings.  Don’t let someone pass you by who I point out to you.  Reach over and give them a hug, give them something to eat, or invite them over.  Do something that makes them feel they are not alone in this world.

You have the incredible gift of My love that I reveal to you.  Share it with them.  You are My lifeline to others.

Help them to learn, beloved one.  You are My chosen one not only to love and take to Heaven to live with Me forever, but I have chosen you to spread the news of My love and salvation to the world.  Much of the world doesn’t know Me, dear one.  

No fancy words are needed.  Just share who I am to you.  I will do the rest, with every step, every word.

My precious soldier-in-training just got booted up! 

Reach out and touch someone with the gift I have given you.  The Gift of the love of My Son, which is celebrated this season.  

                                                     Make the season real.  

















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