December 17

How can I forget you, dear one?  You are the apple of My eye, one of My precious joys.  I hear every word you utter, every precious prayer you send to Me.  Each one of them is held in the palm of My hand and is answered, either right away, or when the time is right.

Your prayers rise up to Me like sacred vessels.  They are covered with your tears, your joy, or just your everyday concerns in your life or for others’.  They arrive in the Holy Place where they are recorded and answered.

Every word you send to Me in Jesus’ name is answered.  You are My love and My joy.  Our line of communication is clear and strong when you stay connected to Me.  Do not stray, beloved.  There is so much at stake.  Call out to Me in Jesus’ name.  

                                                  There is real power there.  

Remember I hear your every word and your every thought.  You are talking directly to Me, as if you were at My feet.

Come to Me now with your requests and praise.  Let Me cover you with My love and grace.  You will know the answers, beloved one. When the time is right, you will know.











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