December 18

At the onset of the day, write your tasks down.  All the things you wish to get done in the daylight hours.  Then, during your prayer time, turn the list over to Me, asking for My help and guidance.  

Together we will go through the day, accomplishing as much as I know you should do.

By committing your day to Me, you are honoring Me with your time and devotion.  I will honor that, My cherished one, and help you with wisdom and power.

See how wonderful and easy it is to be connected to such a Father?  I can’t say it will always be easy, as I will ask you to walk at times where you do not choose to walk, but I am ever with you, watching even your tiniest steps.

Commit your way to Me, beloved one, at the opening of the day.  Remember how I have led you in the past and know that I will never let you go.








One thought on “December 18

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Oh how I need this encouraging message today! Sick, but task list is long for Christmas preparations. Will trust in God to see me through as I commit to Him!

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