December 21

For all your troubles today, think of Me.  Through the vast array of things that pop up in front of you to be handled, think of Me.  

Keep Me ever in your heart and mind so that you will never be without courage, or wisdom.  I promise you both through these challenging times.  You never need to fear any crisis that arises because I have given you the tools to successfully deal with them.

Does that mean I will always grant you success?  No. I will always grant you courage and wisdom to face anything head on, knowing that all things will work out for the best because you have chosen to love and serve Me.

All of My children are different.  Some drive big cars, some drive simple ones.  Some live in large houses, and others live in small rental units.  Each were created by Me and for Me, to fulfill My purpose here on earth.

Tap into that courage and wisdom, dear one, so that no matter what faces you here, you may know My complete joy.








One thought on “December 21

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Such a meaningful message! Courage & wisdom from God are much needed gifts in my life. And the illustration is striking.

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