December 22

Are you ready?  Are you ready for what I have planned for you?  Stop looking at your limitations, worrying about your daily life.  Put it in My hands and I will carry the load for you because I have other things I want you to think about.

I want you to look up to Me, spread your arms out wide and breath Me in.  Surrender yourself to Me in this way, honoring and praising Me.  I will infuse your soul anew with the Holy Spirit Who lives in you to guide and direct you.

The plans I have for you are so much bigger than what you had imagined.  I have only begun to work in you and through you.  If you could see the end from the beginning you would be so amazed!

You are Mine.  I CHOSE YOU to be on the forefront of My work here on earth. People are watching you because they see Me in you.  No matter where you are, in simple circumstances or in grand towers, I have a mighty purpose for you.  Be ready, beloved one.  

                                                     Right here.  Right now.















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