December 28

As the sirens race around in the darkness, and you wonder what trouble is behind the noise, focus your mind on Me.

Do not be disturbed by what you feel is reality here. This will not be a meaningless, scary world for you when you keep your focus on Me.

Behind the signs of the end times stands a heavenly Father Who loves you more than you can imagine, and Who will guide you through everything.

I am not asking you to ignore these signs, but to take hope in them, knowing your time here is nearing an end. Although frightened by the thought, you should be filled with anticipation of our time together being complete.

We are close, dear one. Stay focused on Me.

When bad things happen, know that I am stronger than it all, I have overcome the world, and that

I love you and will always take care of you.

So do not fear the sirens or the future. Everything that happens has been in place since the foundation of the world. And you, dear one, were in My mind then.









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