January 01

I am near to you now. So close, so real. Close your eyes and sense My presence.

All your life you have longed for a love that is true and pure. You are starting to sense it as you draw closer to Me through our time together.
All the earth is filled with My glory. From the rising of the sun until it’s setting, My glory shines over all. You have but to open your eyes to see it and to think of Me.

But you go through life without stopping to praise Me, without stopping to call out My name for your deepest wounds. You go through life as if it were all about you, and making the “mighty” dollar.

Don’t you know I have the whole world in My hand? And that you are My child?

You are My heir.

Free yourself of the world and come live in My world where you are aware of My love and presence. Where you stop to wonder at the beauty of the majestic rose, gaze upon the magnificent mountain, the beautiful stream, and the tiny bird.

Sense Me.
Be aware.
I am here, there and everywhere.
Wherever you are, I AM.

This is the real world. Come and walk with Me in it.










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