January 03

I have not made life easy for you.  

If I love you so much, why haven’t I?  Isn’t love about making life happy for someone?

I want you to come to understand that happiness is not avoiding pain.  It is in the joy that I have given your soul when you trust Me through anything and everything.

Sometimes, things are so painful you don’t think you can bear them any longer.  That is when I need you to hang on tightly to Me, because I am even closer than before.  When you falter I will be there to pick you up.

One day I will be able to pick you up in My arms and carry you to the place I have prepared for you.  There you will know only pure joy.  

No more sadness or pain.

Total unadulterated joy.

Let Me bear your pain, beloved one, because I feel it deeper than you.  You are not alone in this.  Let Me wipe your tears on My shoulder.
Count on the joy to get you through.  One day you will know it openly.  

It was always there. 









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