January 04

I am going to show you, dear one, the right way to go, the right thing to do.  Just trust the still small voice in your mind and soul.  It is Me guiding you.  

You will not wonder whether the voice is from Me.  You will know.

I have put you right here and now, to learn this trust.  To practice trusting in Me will increase your knowledge, resulting in a stronger faith.  A faith that will withstand the toughest challenges you will ever face in the future.  

Don’t be frightened by that statement.

I have given you everything you need to face these challenges.  You are mightily armed with your faith, and because of it, with Me at your side.  Watch and see how I will work! 

New stories are being written every day about how I have worked mightily here on earth!  Our story is one of them. The story of you and Me, Me and you. 

If not read here on earth, it will be recounted in Heaven with great joy at the outcome of the victory.

Hang on, dear child, the greatest story of your life is yet to unfold.






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