January 06

Is your spirit troubled?  Is the pain so intense you want to run and find something or someone to fill the void?  You can’t, dear one.  The pain you are feeling needs to be felt and it needs to be dealt with.  You have experienced a loss and you must not run from it’s growth.

There is a maturity that will come from all this, and a deeper relationship with Me. Only you and I together can see you through to the other side.

There are no quick fixes.  Don’t put someone in your life who stands to get hurt while you move through this journey.  

This is between you and I.

Let Me hold you up every step, helping you through the large and small decisions of your life.  One day you will be glad you took this time to renew your soul.  The depth and health you feel will prepare you for the new love I am sending to you when the time is right.

You cannot experience true joy with another until you have totally grieved your loss. This time with you and I will be something you will look back at and cherish, even though you have found happiness again.

So come to Me, dear one. Only I can understand your pain. Only I know.

Come and rest your head on My shoulder.  I will be your Rock. 












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