January 08

Let your joy rise up this morning, dear child.  Joy that your soul is clean and free from sin and darkness.  Joy in the Lover of your soul.

Yes, you may still feel pain, but the joy of My presence rises up to overflowing.  The peace that passes all understanding pours through your very soul.

Oh, dear one, the rewards of making your camp with Me are great.

I may give you may earthly treasures, or you may be struggling for your most basic needs.  I know exactly where you are, and what you are going through.  

I will never let you down. I will never let you go.

As a child plays happily in the rain, I am asking you to lay your burden at My feet and let Me bear it. Come and let Me wrap My arms around you in an everlasting circle of love.  Let the joy bubble up, over and under you.

Look up, dear one.  Smile, for your Joy is here.  Your Joy is Near.  








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