January 12

Lasso your thoughts.  Bring them in.  Do not wander over past evil and pain in your life.  Yes, you have sinned and others have sinned against you, but do not let these thoughts permeate your being.

You have been saved, cleansed, and washed by the blood of Jesus.  He alone was able to give you this gift by the terrible sacrifice on the cross.

Embrace it in every way.  Move forward, not backwards.  Your past life is your testimony to help others, not the years that mark your life.  It is the story of how Christ has triumphed in you, bringing you to joy and salvation!!

Let love overflow from your veins as you minister to others who have caused you past pain.  It is over and done because you have left it at the cross and your life is fresh and new in Me every day.

Only those who walk with Me will understand.  They like you, have experienced love that knows no regret, no past scars.  Only the pure testimony of lives transformed.

Share this love, dear one.

It is your joy, and Mine.










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