January 15

I am here beside you now.

Sometimes you doubt that, but My presence is as real as the fingers on your hand. 

Close your eyes and think of Me.  Earthly pictures will come into your mind, pictures artists have penned through the years.    The image in your mind is not what matters.  It is the comfort you draw from being able to envision My nearness in a real way.

If you saw Me in My full glory, you would not be able to look or even to stand.  Envision Me as I walked with the disciples.

What I want you to take away from this is the reality of a loving Savior tenderly watching over you.  Keep the image real, and when you call My name, imagine being able to look at Me.

One day you will be able to, beloved one.  I can only give you glimpses in your mind to hang on to, but soon we will be together.  

Until then, close your eyes and know, really know, that I am beside you now.

You are never alone.









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