January 17

Do you wish to say eloquent words, My love?  I don’t need eloquent.  I need only words of love and hope to a dying world.  

The world is hard and cynical.  Things are happening quickly.  Stay close to Me and spread My love to a generation of people aching inside. So many of them are full of pain from the hurts that are escalating all around as evil and the maker of it abounds.

There is one message of the gospel: Christ and Him crucified. One Savior, One Message. I have been preparing you to share it with others.

Nothing else matters. Christ in that message is love so acute the world cannot hold it.

There are many different religions, theologies and world views, but one way to Me:  Christ and Him crucified. That is your message.

Let the theologians of the world pick the intricacies of the gospel.  They may make it complicated and yet it is so simple because it all boils down to love. Love so intense and so personal, and so real between you and Me.

Let others know, dear one.  Let them know.











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