January 18

Thank you for rising up to come to Me.  Breathe Me in deeply into your soul.  You are in My favor, dear one.  I will answer your heartfelt desires and prayers.

How I love watching you!  I watch your every move.  From the time you arise to stretch on the side of the bed; as you walk sleepily into the bathroom and start the day, My eyes are on you.

Did you rise early enough to spend time with Me?  Did you dedicate your life to Me the first thing?

Do you ever think of My needs, the all-powerful God Who always loves and takes care of you?   It is such joy to Me when you seek Me, when you tell Me of your love for Me, when you express your devotion to Me by reaching out to others.  I created you to love and serve Me.  I am a jealous God who wants and needs His children close beside Him.

Yes, there are many others who feel good when they help others.  There are many people who work long and hard to improve the lives of others without knowing The Reason behind their drive other than that they “feel good”.

But you and I have a bond that ties us to each other now and throughout all eternity.

Just take one step at a time.  I will lead you there.











One thought on “January 18

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    It’s quite am amazing reality that God desires a close relationship with each one, and lovingly watches over us.

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