January 19

Let Me fill you up today with the fullness of My love.  Let it overflow from your pores, spreading out to those around you.

Close your eyes and feel My presence.  I am your Daddy, yet I am your God.  Do not disobey what I have commanded you to do.

As the winter winds flow around you in a fierce manner, like a firm young tree, you will stand strong and tall.  My Word will protect you.  My words will shield you.

Study and know the verses and be able to bring them to mind when you are troubled, for these promises from Me will calm the fierce winds and you will safely nestle in My love and care.

Oh, dear one, stay connected. 

Choose Me, 

for I have chosen you.








One thought on “January 19

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Such poetic yet powerful words! The illustration was meaningful, too. God has truly directed the author in her writing and selection of photos. The words and images create a view of our precious God that uplift and glorify Him!

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