January 21

Do not be scared, My dear one.  I am beside you.  The walls seem to be rising up around you but that is only because you have built them up in your mind.

I don’t see walls.  I see character-forming situations around you.  Situations I am waiting for you to draw closer to Me from.

Use this time and these problems to take steps towards Me, letting Me gather you into My arms.  Learn to face them with total surrender to My will.  Yes, with the passion that I have given you to conquer them, as well.  A pure passion formed by total surrender to My will.

Do not sigh with the heaviness of the situation.  I have it in My hands.  Nothing is ever as bad as you imagine it to be because I am with you.  I want you to grow to that level of trust.  Lose the binders that keep your vision on the problems.  See everything around you that I have blessed you with.  There is SO MUCH, beloved, so very, very much.

“Thus Far” you have come.  “Thus far”, I will carry you through.









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