January 22

Be ever watchful today, dear one.  Stay connected to Me as you go about your day.  There are those who would have you fall, who work against Me by working against you.

Stay connected.  You have My power at your disposal. Do not go through life seeming to be a helpless child.  I have blessed you with strength and power you have not even tapped into yet.  When you face your foes, or your difficulties, if you but ask, you can arm yourself with My full coat of armor, protecting you from anything that is cast in your direction.

As My child, you have the ability to be a valiant soldier.  But when you come to Me, there are no pretenses.  Fold yourself into My loving arms, the more helpless the better, and I will hold you snug and secure.

These are our special times together where you gather that strength to face the world.  Come to Me now, before the day gets away from you and let Me don your mighty armor.

To the world you are a strong warrior. To Me, you are My beloved and precious child.










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