January 27

Let Me overwhelm you today with My love.  Let Me surround you with the intensity of it’s reality.  It is  real.  

How could I have possibly given up My Son to be horribly beaten and crucified if it were not for love so intense the world could not hold it?

Yet you wander around wondering how there could be a God that is capable of love when you hear of disasters where children are killed, or your own family member suffers and then is taken away from you.  

Where is that God of love then?  

I am beside you, at times carrying you, weeping along with you, showing you My love by allowing the scenario to play out.

I want all the pain and suffering to be over but there is an appointed time when all will come to see and know Good from evil.  Then the plan will be complete.  Then evil will never be able to raise its head again, and My love will shine over all. 

You can’t see what I see, or know what I know.   I am just asking you to trust that, as hard as it seems, it is because of love you are where you are.

So just for today, just for this moment, lay your head on My shoulder, and let Me fill you with My overwhelming love.  

It will carry you through.

I will carry you through.














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