February 05

There are signs all around you in this world I created.  Signs of My love, signs of My presence all around.  You are one of the ones who are aware of it.

What is your role because of that?  Keep reading the signs.  Look for Me, for I am everywhere.  

This knowledge is your hope in what is to those who are not aware, a frightening world.

But you know, dear one, all will be okay if you choose Me.  Mountains may tumble into the sea, floods may rise up around you, but I have you in My pocket.  

When fears and loneliness surround you, fly with Me.  Take My hand and let Me carry you, if just for a moment, to a place where you are safe and warm and happy.

It is there, so close.  Just reach out your hand.  Reach out your soul.  I am not like the world.  I will never let you down.  I will never let you go. 

Your role here?  To love and trust Me through everything no matter how hard.  

I am the one constant in your life.

And believe, My child.  Believe I am so close.  All will be okay.  Now and always.  

Just take My hand.











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