February 06

There is joy all around you, dear one.  Joy for you may be at the end of the tunnel, but it is there.  Grab hold of it fiercely.  Let the decision of it rule your day.

The decision to have an all-encompassing joy of the knowledge of who you are in Me, of   what I have promised you, of what I have waiting for you, of the acceptance of My  greatest gift, My Son.

Feel the joy through your pain.  Feel it in the midst of your fear.  Joy was always there because there was always a plan,  a plan that included you from the very beginning of creation.

It is the hope of the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ, My beloved Son.

This pain and fear you have now are real, dear one.  I know it and I feel it with you more than you could know or understand.
Stand with Me, child.  There is joy waiting.  So much joy to cover the sadness you feel.  Joy to cover and seal you as one with Me.  Now and always.

You are Mine and I am yours.









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