February 07

This is our time together, dear one.  A time where you have chosen to come apart and learn more of My love and sacrifice for you.  

Envision the Son of Man coming down a hill, strongly walking.  Imagine Him coming and stopping directly in front of you.  What does He see?

Does He see a person interested in Him?  Or does He see you shift uncomfortably, hoping friends don’t see His direct contact with you?

Oh, dear one, this is what it is about.  This is real.  I am calling you to accept Me and to make a choice.  A choice to love Me and to serve Me.

Yes, your friends will know.  Whether you tell them, or whether they know it by the change in your activities.

I am calling you.  Calling you to make a choice for Me.  Take a step towards the Son of Man standing in front of you.

Reach out your hand.  Let the joy and peace flood over you as you feel the warmth of My presence.   









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