February 09

Study to show yourself approved unto Me.  Not just for approval, but for a genuine knowledge of Me.  Our relationship is vital, and  growth in it comes from letting Me talk directly to you through My Word, so carefully prepared for you and the world many years ago.

Those words are as true now as they were then.  The stories you will read in there will captivate your soul.  I can, and I want, to work that directly in your life.  Please let Me.

Come to My word.  Open it and learn from it, of My personality, of My love, of what I want you to be like, and especially of the precious story of My Son Jesus whose death for you and for the world signified the end of the devil’s reign.

Oh, come and see that it is a rich bounty of everything important in this world!  And in between the lines, you will sense My presence, My looking over the shoulder of the one I love.

Come and get to know Me better.









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