February 11

Did you know I am sitting beside you now?  So close I can feel your breath.  I am that real.  

My presence in your life is that real.

Close your eyes and just know.  Know that I am beside you and My Spirit fills your being.

Jesus made this possible.  The death of My Son on the cross enables you to cross over the boundaries of time and space, that we may be one as He and I are one.
Oh, dear one, always love Him.  Always serve Him.  Such love you will never find on this earth.  To bear the weight of the sins of all on His magnificent shoulders was the darkest day in the history of time.

But it was accomplished at the cross.  One day I will share with you the wonder of joy expressed by living creatures on earth and Heaven when He, My precious Son, rose from the grave in splendor and majesty.  It was over.  Accomplished and over.

Share this story, dear one.  Share this love.  Let your soul thrill to it and dwell in it.  

Others will know.

They must know.

I am waiting.













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