February 14

How do I love you?  More than earthly words can explain.  More than any thing you can even imagine.

Today is a celebrated love day.  My celebrated love day happened on Calvary years ago.  There will never be another act more deserving of love than what was accomplished that day on the cross.  

Many people have died saving others’ lives, but never one more undeserving than Jesus.  He didn’t just die for you.  He died carrying all of your sins, and the sins of the entire world.  He was the blameless Lamb, separated from Me, mercilessly tortured and murdered so that you and so many others could receive eternal life.  Crucified so that the evil one would finally be conquered.

Do you have someone who is your valentine today?  Or have you lost them?  Either way, take comfort in knowing that the greatest Love of your life is with you now, right beside you.  

You are My beloved one.

Today, celebrate our love, and your future together with Me.  Keep your eyes looking up.  

Share our love with others.  It is the one true love people’s hearts cry out for. 

Never be lonely, dear one. I am beside you now.












One thought on “February 14

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    His love truly makes the world go around and gives the joy of living! Thank You, dearest Lord, for the gift of Jesus. ❤

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