February 17

All things are possible through Me.

Do not fear.

You have nothing to be afraid of when you love and trust Me because My love for you is overwhelming.  Just swim in it.

Lay back and envision floating in a sea of love, so pure and buoyant. You are free from the cares of this world, from it’s pains and sorrow. You are surrounded by ministering angels

who watch your every step.

As you rise up from your imaginary bed of water, keep that feeling with you because I am with you.  I will never leave or desert you.

You are a free flying bird with direction and ease. How the wind responds to the pressure of your wings to keep you soaring high and free!  I am the wind under your wings enabling you to fly free and high.

Come out from under your fear, for with Me all things are possible.

You and Me.  Me and you.








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