February 18

When the cold winter weather whips around you, know I am your safe, warm spot.  Keep searching.  You will find Me and relax into the warmth of My shelter and comfort.

Imagine you are the coldest you have ever been.  You are standing out in the middle of a frozen field with nothing but snow and ice around you.  What do you do?  Do you stay where you are?  No.  You keep walking until you find a warm place to be comfortable and cozy.

Your daily life is like that.  You are now standing out in that frozen field.  Your faith is frozen.  Our relationship is frozen.

Keep walking towards the warmth and light.  Do not think it might be easier to stop where you are and live your life like that.  Many people’s souls are just like that.

I am calling you to the warmth, to the light of My love and countenance.  Such joy as you lay on the pillow of faith and you pull up the sheet of hope and the blanket of love around you until you are safely and snugly in My arms.

Make the decision to keep walking, loved one.  Walk towards Me and the light of My love and comfort.









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