February 19

Write down the thoughts I send to you today.  They are things I am impressing on your mind.  These thoughts can be read during the day to strengthen and encourage you.

When I created you, I gave you a mind to seek and worship Me because I want to keep you close to Me. 

But how do you do that?  By coming to me in the morning and committing your life to Me daily, by reading My Word, and then by listening to My gentle urgings throughout the day.  

And when you write your thoughts down it not only helps you remember them, but it helps increase your faith.  

My Word is true and I will never let you down.

These words of love and guidance will be a source of comfort when you are low or need assurance of My presence in your life.

Listen, dear one.  I am the still small voice ever in and around you, and always with you.








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