February 20

Do you feel like you are the child of the King of the universe?  When others tout the importance of the person they might know, or have met, do you tell them about your lineage and how I, the Ruler and Creator of all, chose you to be My child, perfectly forming you to be exactly how I wanted you to be?

What a privilege you have! And your growing connection to Me is proof of that privilege.  Do you take it for granted?  Oh, the terrible price that had to be paid for it!  

The awesome weight, and yet the joy of it should overwhelm your life.  It must never be taken for granted.

Isn’t that where you want to be, beloved?  Wouldn’t you rather be with Me, and talk about our real relationship, or with those whose sense of importance stems from their connection to someone who lives and breathes and dies, and who has garnered temporary and fleeting fame on this earth somehow?

What you know is that you can introduce them to the most important relationship in their life.  One that will determine not just bragging rights, but eternal life, and the love, support and joy our daily relationship brings.

 So, next time you hear about that “important” so and so, don’t hesitate to tell them about the Master of the universe, your friend, your beloved Father…..Me.


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