February 21

Your mind is far away as you think of how to solve your problems.  Don’t you know it is with Me that your problems will be solved?

Bring them to Me, and thank Me, having faith that I will answer, and then have peace because you have placed them in My hands.  Keep remembering this promise throughout the day.  Yes, there are things you need to do, but I will let you know what and when.

How sad the world of people who don’t know Me and what I bring when they make the choice for Me!

Tell them, dear one.  Tell them about the many joys of coming to Me.  Don’t keep it to yourself.  

Learn to come to Me with your whole mind.  Put your focus on Me.  Lay your head back and close your eyes.  Say, “I choose you, Lord.  Please help me today.”  

I will be there, dear one.  I am with you now.  Now and always.  Just call out My name.







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