February 24

Are you facing a “lion’s den” today?  Are you afraid of the outcome?

You never need to be afraid, dear one, for I am with you.  If you ask, the whole Wonder Team surrounds you, not just the three of us Big Guys, but a score of angels.  

We are your defense team. A mightier one never seen. Nothing can prevail against us.  

Watch for the miracle to happen, one you never even thought about.  So walk into your situation with your head held high.

Or is it pain, so unbearable you think you can’t handle it?  That same Wonder Team is there, surrounding and comforting you.  There is joy and peace on the other side.  You will never be alone, My beloved child.  Never.  I have promised you that, and I have shown you that.  Your deepest thoughts and fears are in the front of My mind.  My pain for them and for you is greater than what you feel.  I understand and I know.

Together we can conquer and overcome anything.  

There is joy on the other side.









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