February 25

Did I not show you My love in a direct way recently?  Do you still continue to doubt not only My presence in your life, but My very existence, as well?

I know what lingers in the back of your mind, and it hurts, beloved one.  The devil will send you these types of messages constantly.  When you stay tuned into Me, you shut them quickly out.  But when you are weak, you allow them to linger, causing a deadly cancerous growth that, if unchecked, will take over your body and your mind.

Beware of these things.  Shut them out.  Shut him out.  He is the author of sin and pain, yet the wily one comes bearing gifts, looking kind, compassionate and wise.  He robs people of their faith and trust in Me.

Consider the reality of what is going on.  I love you more than you can understand, even sending My Son to die a cruel death on the cross so We would overcome evil, and I could have you with Me.  Yet you are listening to the one who started this pain and suffering thousands of years ago and who only wants to separate us so that you will die.  He wants to take as many people with him as he can.

You have chosen Me.  When one of those negative thoughts come to your mind, immediately shut them out and say “I choose You, Lord!”

The stakes are high and the battle is real.  Be ever aware.














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