February 26

 It was Me all along.

The one you envisioned being beside you, sitting and walking with you.  I’m not saying you do not or will never have an earthly partner to walk and sit beside you, but that I have always been there, and when you dreamt of the one, it was Me.

I want you to know, particularly today, how much I love and adore you.  I feel the heaviness in your heart.

Come and let Me hold you against My chest.  I will be your El Shaddai today, pushing the cares of the world away and just for the moment, our moment, I can make you forget all the pain and sadness in this life because I know how frightened you are.

Oh dear one, please know that although this door seems closed, it is not.  Just trust Me during this time.  You thought you were on the right path with your plans.  It will come in My time.  Trust Me for the answers.  I want you to take care of other things first.  

Don’t be frightened, dear one.  Trust in Me.  You are not alone, now or ever.  I will not let you fall.

Your burdens are heavy, but My arms are strong.

Strong enough to create the universe,

and strong enough to carry it in My arms.

Strong enough to hold and comfort

the child I have chosen as Mine.

We will get through this, too, beloved one.  Just hang on.  The ride is not over.  

It is just beginning.









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