February 28

Courage and joy.  Two words I ask you to carry inside you throughout the most difficult circumstances, the darkest times when you don’t understand My answers to your prayers.

I am beside you at those moments, even closer than I was when you were carefree.
Sometimes the devil does things that I have to allow so that this world will run it’s course and good will play out against evil.  Other times I put roadblocks up just when you thought things were okay, to grow your trust in Me, to develop your character.

Lean on Me in either circumstance.  I am your constant guide.  I will never put you in a position where the pain will be too great to bear.

Look up, My precious child.  Let Me see your face.  Let Me fill you with the courage and joy to face any and all circumstances.

Courage and joy.

Remember those two words today as you go out in the world.  Find them in Me.









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