February 29

You have come to me this morning, beloved one. I am thankful for this time together with you, just you.  No TV.  No internet.  No phone.  

There are many distractions that the devil uses to steal hours and hours away from Me.  He fills your minds with things which you think are good, are important, but they are not.  They might be later as you plan your day, but right now it just needs to be Me and you.  

Listen to My Holy Spirit.  Let it fill your soul with light and love and direction.  Feel its imprint on your soul as I form your daily being.  It is how I guide you.  When you come apart from me first thing in the morning, I cover you with this imprint.  Others can sense it in you.  

Lay your head back and rest in Me.  Then open your Bible and read the words I lovingly created to be your education and lifeline.  Make it part of your life; more than the internet, more than your phone.  I can use those things to help others find Me, but you have a deeper connection that goes directly from Me to you.  

Don’t ever forget the power it offers.  The power I offer.  The true power of love.









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