March 02

How great the plans I have for you!  If I were to unveil them now, you would shudder.  Never forget that I created you, and I know exactly what you are capable of doing.

I see you rising higher and higher in the work I have planned, reaching out to others in your own simple way.  The corporate CEO is just as important to Me as the mom at home raising future leaders for Me.

Each of My chosen ones is a leader, getting ready for battle.  Who do you battle?  You battle evil and sin, the devil himself. 

The people he influences seem strong, and they do heartless things to others.  But they are really weak inside, and they are scared.  Scared of death, and of their lives not being important on this earth, Satan’s realm.  He twists them like mannequins.

Most of these people are admired here because they seem important, but their time will soon be over and they will be forgotten.  They will face me all too soon.

Is there hope for them?  Only I know.  Don’t stop praying for them.  Live your life for Me.  One day you will look back at how I have led you in this life,  and you will be amazed at how far we have come.  

My little child became a leader for Me!










One thought on “March 02

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    The fact that Jesus esteems each person with such great value and love is one of the reasons I love Him so much.

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