March 03

Take My hand.  Walk with Me to the other side of  your grief, of your fears.  Be a child again, walking beside Me, trusting Me.  

You never used to worry about where you were going when you were a child.  Your parent drove the car and you sat in the back waiting for the arrival, and you didn’t know where you were going.

Then, you didn’t have a choice in trusting the outcome.  You needed to go along with your parents obediently.

Now you have a choice to make.  You are a full adult, and you think for yourself.  I am asking you to go to a place where you don’t know where you are going, or where you will end up.

I am asking you to put your hand in Mine, and walk with Me, keeping your focus on Me and on our conversation, not on where I am taking you.  Be that child again.

Trust Me, My beloved child.

I have you in the palm of My hand.  Trust Me to lead you places higher and better than you had planned.

Walk with Me, beloved one.  Take My hand.










One thought on “March 03

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Submitting everyday to God isn’t always easy, but so important. Help me, Lord, to walk in faith with You.

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