March 5

I have opened a new world before you.

I am just starting to show you the plan I have for you.  It is different than what you thought, but I am in the middle, beginning and end of it all.

Are you excited?  A new path to travel on!  You just thought your dreams were over.

Yes, you still have problems now, and your problems will never stop.  They are how I keep you close to Me, helping you learn to depend upon Me daily.

Remember the courage and joy I asked you to have during your time of despair?  Keep those feelings.  I am pleased with you, dear one.  You have shown yourself to be faithful to Me in many trials, and although you didn’t understand why these things happened, I never let you down.  

You are still here with Me, and I with you.

So open up your heart and your mind.  I have many wonderful things in store for you. 

Stay close.  Always stay close.







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