March 06

Your heart is heavy this morning, loved one.  Don’t be scared.  I have you in the palm of My hand.  

I will never let you go and 

I will never let you fall.

The world, as you know it, is changing.  The world, as I know it, never changes.  Everything that happens has been planned since time immemorial.

Hold out your hand.  I will take it and guide you.  When you get frightened, remember where you are and Who is with you.

Think of the scriptures of the Shepherd leading the lamb.  I am the Shepherd and you are My lamb. Though you walk through the valley of death, you will not be afraid for you are with Me.  I make you lie down in green pastures. Stay here awhile in the green pasture, and let Me enfold you with My peace and love.

When you are ready, take My hand and let Me carry your load through to the other side. 

Just trust Me, My child.  

I will not lead you astray.










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