March 10

I know you, dear one.

I know every hair on your head.

I know when you rise, when you sit and when you lie down.

Those are the visual things I see about you.  More importantly, I know the very inside of you. I know your fears, your doubts.   I hear the things you say, or the things you are afraid to say.  

And yet I love you……..even more.

From the foundation of the world I planned to have you with Me.  I created you to love and serve Me and be with Me.  You are not a mistake, an evolutionary happening.  No, dear one, far from it.  You were planned.  I personally formed you in your mother’s womb.  

Because you cannot see Me does not mean I love you any less, or that I will take care of you any less.  I see you and I know you, from the inside out, and that makes Me love you even more for all the crazy little things that make you you.  

Be secure in that, for








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