March 11

How many times have you seen birds fly from branch to branch?  They alight for awhile, sing out praises, and then fly off again.

Their lives are very busy.  It’s hard for you to figure out their lives, but they have a very special purpose in My creation.  Just one of their purposes is to be appreciated by humans.  

I made many of them to be brilliant and beautiful.  Their songs fill the air with joyful praise to Me.  

They are My gifts to you. Watch them.  Listen to them.  Study their carefree joy.  Their little lives are not easy.  They must stay constantly busy in order to survive.  And yet not one of them will fall unless I know it.

As I care for these little creatures, I care even more for you.  

Sing a song of joy and praise to Me now.  It will lift your spirits as you go about your day.  

Remember the lowly sparrow, dear one.  I love you even more.  So very much more.










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