March 13

Oh, dear child, I AM HERE.  You can’t see Me yet, and you don’t understand why I am taking you through this dark valley.

I cannot tell you my reasons now, but I can tell you that you are not alone.  I see your anguish.  I feel your pain and I am right beside you on this.  We will get through it together.  Do not doubt that for one minute.

You will have whatever you need at the time you really need it.  Is it strength?  Or courage?  Or finances?  Wait with Me.  Don’t tear your heart out.  Wait with Me.  You will see and understand one day.

Lay back and let Me hold you now.  Relax into My arms and feel the peace overwhelm you.

You are not alone, dear one.  You are My beloved, chosen child who I will never leave and never forsake.








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