March 15

You are scared.  You are tired.  Hang on to Me.  Don’t let go.  

You need Me now more than ever.

Did I plan it that way?  Part of it I planned and part of it has happened because you have fallen into the snare of the devil, or disaster and pain has happened around you.

There is only one real thing you need.  It is Me.  Everything else you think you need falls short of our relationship.

Don’t keep trying to fight.  You are not walking alone.  I am filled with pain when I see the tiredness in your face and body.  Lay your head on My chest and feel the joy rise up as I fill you with My love and protection.

Everything will be okay because you have chosen Me.  I already chose you when I created you.  All it takes is faith and strength.  You will find both in My open arms.










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