March 18

Are you listening, dear one?  Can you hear My voice through all the noise and distraction of your daily life? 

You are confused, and wonder what you should do.  I have been trying to tell you but you allow the world to get in between My direct messages to you.

Go to your quiet place and lay your open heart before Me.  Empty your soul to hear the still small voice.  The answer is unfolding before you.  The help you need, the answers you need, are all right there.

Reach out and grab your future.  With Me your future will be bright.  Keep looking upward with faith.  

Do not look down or you will stumble and fall.  With your eyes kept steadily on Me, you will never lose your way.  I have the help and guidance you need for your journey, for our journey together.

Grab My hand and take your first step.

I will help you take the second.








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