March 29

Do you hear the voices of angels?  Their songs fill the air with praise.  They are My heavenly messengers.

One day your eyes and ears will be uncovered and you will hear their mighty chorus and you will join in.  Your voice will be a perfectly pitched one with the ability to scale high and low notes perfectly.

I made you to sing to Me, to praise Me.  One day you will be part of a happy, large chorus, full of joy and praise.

You are surrounded everywhere by these angels who help Me minister to My loved ones.

They go back and forth from heaven, watching over those who trust in Me.

But now you see through a glass darkly and your relationship with Me is one of faith and not sight.  Just trust Me, beloved one.  It is all very real.  You are loved, cared for and protected by Me and a very large host of angels.

Do not despair.  One day you will join in the heavenly host singing joyful songs of praise to Me.  But for now, rest your soul.  I am with you today.



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