April 03

There is a hurting world out there, loved one.  Even those who look successful and happy are hurting inside.  They are frightened when they lay their heads down at night.

Are you doing that?  I have spelled out the plan of salvation clearly in the Bible so that you would not be one whose soul cries out in the dark.

Where are you, My child?  Do you know?  Do you feel it in your soul?  Does it fill up all the empty spots with love and warmth?  

It is where I long to be: one with you, as Jesus and I are one.

Do you remember His prayer in John asking that you and I may be one as He and I are?  His blood was poured out on Calvary so that that very request was made possible.  

Your fear, or fright, is only a sign that you have not accepted Me into your life as much as you can.

Come and let us be one, as Jesus and I are.  Let My love overflow through every pore in your body.  

Soak Me in, dear one.  Find the joy and peace Christ purchased for you many years ago.


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