April 04

Your soul is crying out to Me now.  I see it and I feel it.  It is time for you to go to your quiet place, close your eyes, relax, and sense My presence.  

As you are resting, imagine a man walking alongside his child. They stop walking because in front of them is a deep and treacherous path.  Now, imagine that father reaching down tenderly and picking his child up in his arms.  He carries his child along the path with sure, strong steps.

That child is you, dear one.  I love you so much that I have picked you up in My arms and am carrying you over life’s road.  

You are not alone and you are not uncared for.  You are so tenderly cared for and loved that when you look back at the path, you will see one set of footprints, much larger than yours.

I will guide you and help you, My child.

Just trust Me.


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