April 13

Are you My soldier?  Do you feel like you are alone in a coliseum with a maddening crowd jeering at you, taunting you?

If you could only see the throngs of angels that would surround you if you bent your knee and asked Me for cover.

My child is never alone.

I know you feel that way often.  Fight back.  Don’t let it overcome you.  Reach out for My presence.  Spend time in prayer with Me, talking to Me.  Tell Me your fears, your problems.  Bring Me your pain and your loneliness.

I will surround you with love and a feeling of warmth.  My child will never stand alone in a coliseum or anywhere on earth.  The battle was WON at the cross so that you and I may be one as Jesus and I are one.

Rise up with joy and courage.  Face this day and all it’s challenges with My promise of My continued presence in you and with you.  Now and forever.


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