April 14

Oh the joy of a new day!  There is so much that I want you to cherish and enjoy!  

First, take out the trash.  By trash, I mean the garbage inside your mind.  Clear all your problems, hang ups, unforgiveness and insecurities out of your mind.  Lay them at My feet.  I will toss them out for you.  And don’t try to grab them and hold onto them as they pass you by!

You don’t have the strength on your own to do this “house cleaning”.  Only I can do it for you.

Now you are a clean slate for Me to mold and grow to be the person I created you to be.  

Open your Bible and read the Psalms.  See where David learned of Me and praised Me.  He  was FAR from perfect yet he always took time out to praise and worship Me.  We were close and I was able to rule a nation through him. 

What are My plans to do with this new, cleaned up you?  Just wait and see.  Trust Me.  I have much in store for you this day!


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