April 16

It is a hungry world out there, beloved.  A hungry world that cannot be satisfied with the things on this earth.  A people who long for happiness and love but who cannot find it.

Some are openly unhappy and others seem like they have the perfect life.  But without Me they are empty and scared inside with the reality of their existence getting louder and more visible every day.

You have the answer, dear one.  You hold in your hand the key to true happiness, here, now and forevermore.  

 Are you going to keep that secret just between us, or are you going to let it out?

Like a beautiful butterfly hatching from it’s cocoon, the whole world will take on new meaning as you share the glorious news with those I have carefully positioned around you.

Let them see the new day, too, My beloved child.  Only in Me is there true happiness and everlasting life.


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